How to Unsuccessfully Market Your Business- Step 2 Buy Cheap Another way to unsuccessfully market your business and waste thousands of dollars is buying advertising based on what is cheap.

this website You wouldn’t choose a neurosurgeon solely because he or she was a bargain, right?  Of course not.  Yet many owners will buy advertising for their business, their livelihood, because it seems like a good deal.

match making manglik “But wait,” you interject, “buying the cheapest SAVES me money.”  In most cases, quite the opposite is true.  Those cheap deals sales people are pushed by managers to peddle more often than not  include off times, weekends, overnights, broad rotators or early week placement. Or, they could be ads that can be bumped to not run if a business paying higher rates comes along. Sometimes the ads are low-priced because the medium has low subscription numbers, viewers or listeners. Ratings reports can be manipulated in many ways to make a medium look like a good deal.  But remember the old adage…if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

numero de putas A good salesperson will not try to push a package on you because their company needs to sell it, but will have your best interest at heart.  He or she will take time to listen to your needs, learn more about your business and put together a solid plan focusing on solutions for you.

site de rencontre sexe nantes Marketing and advertising can be frustrating for business owners.  It’s time consuming to learn, to make time to meet with salespeople, and with ever-changing technology it can confusing. Be sure to ask for referrals of reputable sales reps from established businesses, or choose to go with an advertising agency to take the hassle off of you so you can focus your time and energy in running your business.

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